Bastrop County
Sheriff's Office
Bastrop, Texas
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Civil Process
The Civil Process Division consists of 1 Sergeant, 2 Deputies and 1 Administrative Assistant.  The deputies in this section receive, receipt, serve and return all legal documents originated by courts to the citizens throughout Bastrop County.  This division works closely with the courts, attorneys, and other requesting parties.  Deputies strive to execute all legal documents with timely and effective service of all papers while maintaining an impartial position between each involved party.  The Civil Process Sergeant is also over the School Resource Officer, 2 Courthouse Security Deputies and a Crime Prevention Officer.  

The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office will host a county Tax sale several times throughout the year and the Civil Process Division is responsible for overseeing the sale and the collection of fees, which are forwarded to the Country Treasurer’s Office.

Furthermore, while the deputies in this division travel throughout the county locating and serving individuals; they must simultaneously keep a watchful eye for suspicious activities.  The Civil Process Deputies enforce criminal law and make arrests when needed, participate in field observations, occasionally help Patrol or CID units with special assignments and assist with courthouse security.

To contact the Civil Process Division please contact (512) 549-5053.


Bastrop County Sheriff's Office
Service Fee Schedule
Notices:                                                          Other Service Fees:       
  Subpoena (District & County Courts) $75.00     Subpoena (JP Court)         $75.00
  Writ of Attachment $250.00     Temporary Restraining Order    $150.00
  Writ of Garnishment  $250.00     Precept $75.00
  Writ of Sequestration $250.00     Writ of Execution $250.00
  Orders of Sale $250.00     Writ of Restitution $250.00
  Forcible Detainer $75.00     Writ of Habeas Corpus $250.00
  Writ of Possession $250.00      Executing a Deed $50.00
  (If move out exceeds 2 hours add'l       Executing a Bill of Sale $50.00
     fee per hour/per deputy - $35.00)       Injunction $100.00
 Service Fees:        Notices (Posting)  $50.00
  Small Claims Citation $75.00     Reports (Accidents)             $6.00
  Justice Court Citation $75.00     Reports (All Others) for 1st page  $5.00
  All Other Courts' Citation $75.00     each additional page  $1.00
        All Other Process (not listed)  $75.00
Fees Collected on Execution Sales or Sheriff Sales: 
  10% of monies collected          
Fees collected without a sale:          
  5% of monies collected          

Fees adopted August 8th, 2016, pursuant to Local Government Code §118.131.