Bastrop County
Sheriff's Office
Bastrop, Texas
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History of the Sheriff


Terry Pickering was elected and took office as the Bastrop County Sheriff on January 1, 2009 and was re-elected to a second term.  Prior to becoming Bastrop County Sheriff, Terry retired from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office after 28+ years of faithful service.

Sheriff Pickering’s life   has been one of service beginning with his years in the military as an Investigator at Ft. Hood, a patrolman and narcotics detective with the Copperas Cove Police Department, and a Sergeant Investigator with the Burnet County Sheriff’s Office.  His career with Travis County Sheriff’s Office included patrol, narcotics, organized crime, and criminal investigations before being promoted through the ranks to Major where he was responsible for the Law Enforcement Bureau. 

He is a graduate of the   Leadership & Command College of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, the FBI National Academy, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s,   Drug Unit Commanders Academy, and the National Sheriff’s Institute.  He is the recipient of several service awards, among which is a Commendation for his response to an emergency plea from Federal ATF agents at the Mount Carmel   siege in Waco, Texas in 1993.



Sheriff Abreo moved to Bastrop County in 1990.  She served as a Highway Patrol Trooper for three years in Elgin before being assigned to investigative duties in Austin with the Department of Public Safety.  Sheriff Abreo subsequently left the Department of Public Safety in order to spend more time with her daughter.  In 2004, Sheriff Abreo moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech School of Law.  After graduating in 2006, she returned to Elgin.  In July 2007, she was then appointed by Bastrop County Commissioners to complete Sheriff Hernandez' term.  She served as Interim Sheriff until December 2008.


Sheriff Hernandez was elected as Sheriff in November of 1996.  He served as Sheriff from 1997 until he resigned in May of 2007 following six felony charges.



1993 – 1996


Elected on November 8, 1988; appointed on November 14, 1988 to complete Sheriff Hoskins' term. He was born June 24, 1930 in Ardmore, Oklahoma and has been a lawman for twenty-nine years. He and his wife Lillie M. live near Reel Rock. They have a daughter Vella L. Halbrook. His father was a lawman in Oklahoma. There were 4 of 5 brothers in this family who were lawmen in Bryan, Seminole and Carter counties in Oklahoma. The father and one of his brothers were killed in the line of duty. Sheriff Kiersey retired from the Austin Police department on December 31, 1985 after twenty-seven years of service. He was a deputy sheriff in Bastrop County before being elected sheriff. He held an associate degree from Austin Community College in criminal justice; a Bachelor of Science degree in law enforcement-police science from Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas; and also has 2000+ accredited police training hours. He was in the United State Air Force from 1952 - 1956 and the United States Army in 1958.


Appointed acting sheriff on December 28, 1987 and served until November 14, 1988.


Elected on November 4, 1980 and served until January 1, 1985.


Elected on November 8, 1960; re-elected November 3, 1964, November 5, 1968, November 7, 1972 and served until January 1, 1977. Sheriff Nutt was born November 22, 1920 in Red River County, Texas. He was a cowboy in California and a veteran of World War II. He volunteered for the 10th Mountain Calvary Reconnaissance Company and served in Italy, in the Alps with their horses and mules. Other law   enforcement jobs held by him were City Marshall 1957 -1959; Chief Deputy Sheriff 1953 -1955; and a year in the Provost Marshall's office 1946. The new Bastrop County jail was built during his tenure as sheriff and I gather from the letter from Sheriff Nutt that neither he nor his wife miss the old jail   living quarters any. They now live in the Kovar community near Flatonia, Texas. The above information is from Sheriff Nutt.



Elected on November 4, 1952; re-elected November 2, 1954, November 6, 1956 and served until January 1, 1961. He was elected on November 2, 1976 and served until January 1, 1981.  He was elected on November 6, 1984 and served until December 27, 1987 when he died at Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas. Sheriff Hoskins was born April17, 1908 in Red Rock, Texas, the son of B. V. "Bevy" and Dot "Lottie" Wainscott Hoskins. His law career began in 1927 as a state prison guard at Richmond and Sugarland, Texas and continued for sixty years. His brother Elvin was Sheriff of Caldwell County at one time. Sheriffs from Travis, Lee, Hays, Fayette, Williamson and Aransas Counties served as pall bearers at his funeral.



Elected on November 8, 1932; re-elected November 6, 1934, November 3, 1936, November 8, 1938, November 5, 1940, November 3, 1942, November 7, 1944, November 5, 1946, November 2, 1948, November 7, 1950 and served until   January 1, 1953. He   served a total of twenty years which is the longest in the history of Bastrop County.

Sheriff Cartwright was born in 1886 near Elgin, Texas in the Mount Pleasant community, a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cartwright. He married Laura McWilliams. Their children   were Ethel Cartwright Higgins of Bastrop, Elizabeth   McWilliams Seekatz of Austin and Bill McWilliams of Elgin. He was a member of the Elgin Masonic Lodge # 328. Sheriff Cartwright died June 4, 1961 in an Austin hospital and is buried in the Elgin Cemetery. The information on Sheriff Cartwright was furnished by his daughter Ethel   Higgins of Bastrop, Texas.


Elected on November 3, 1914; re-elected November 7, 1916, November 5, 1918, November 2, 1920, November 7, 1922 and served until January 1, 1925.  He was appointed on November 10, 1931 and served until January 1, 1933. This was the second time he had served. Sheriff Perkins was born November 29, 1878 and died May 12, 1955. In 1897 he married Maggie Miller Highsmith and they had two daughters Neal and Ben Jack The information about Sheriff Perkins   came from Lucille Perkins of Bastrop, Texas whose husband is a nephew of Sheriff Perkins.


Elected on November 8, 1904; re-elected November 6, 1906, November 3, 1908, November 8, 1910, Novembers, 1912 and served until November3, 1914.1n 1909 he was elected   resident of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas.  Elected   a second time on November 4, 1924; re-elected November 2, 1926, November 6, 1928, November 4, 1930 and served   until October 25, 1931, when he was removed from office, for extortion, by the judge of the 126th Judicial District, District Court of Travis County, Texas, docket# 20,385.


Elected on November 4, 1890; re-elected November 8, 1892, November 6, 1894, November 3, 1896, November 8, 1898, November 6, 1900, and November 4, 1902 and served until November 8, 1904. He served a total of fourteen years which is the fourth longest time in Bastrop County history.


Elected on November 2, 1886; re-elected November 6, 1888 and served until November 4, 1890. He is   a son of W. J. Bell.


Elected on November 4, 1884 and served until November 2, 1886.


Elected on February 15, 1876; re-elected November 5, 1878, November 2, 1880, November 7, 1882 and served until December 31, 1886.


Elected on November 8, 1872 and served until February 15, 1876. At age twenty-eight he was the youngest sheriff ever elected in Bastrop County history. While sheriff, the county may not have had enough money, or for whatever reason, Sheriff Kohler made his own desk. It is still (1987) in the   possession of his grand-daughter Mabel Lesueur of Bastrop, Texas. He was born December 3, 1845 and died November 23, 1908 at Bastrop, Texas. The above biographical   information was from Mabel Lesueur.


Appointed on November 16, 1871 and served until November 8, 1872.


Appointed on August 5, 1869 by General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order #183; was elected December 3, 1869 and served until November 11, 1871 when he resigned.


Appointed on October   1, 1868 by General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order #46 and served until   August 5, 1869 when he was removed by General J. J. Reynolds'   Special Order #183.


Appointed on September 17, 1868 by General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order #34 but he declined to qualify.


Appointed on October 15, 1866 and served until September 17, 1868 when he was removed by General J. J. Reynolds' Special Order #34.


Elected a second time on June 25, 1866 and served until October 1866 when he resigned.


Appointed on November 7, 1865 by Governor A. J. Hamilton and served only a very short time, if indeed he did accept the appointment.


Evidently appointed Sheriff. His name is shown on December 11, 1865 Commissioner's Court minutes as sheriff and he probably served until June 25, 1866.


Elected on August 1, 1864; was appointed sheriff on August 16, 1865 by Governor A. J. Hamilton and served until sometime late in 1865.


Appointed on November 29, 1862 and served until August 1, 1864.


Elected on August 4, 1862 and served until November 1863 when he resigned.


Elected on August 1, 1859; re-elected August 5, 1861 and served until August 4, 1862.


Elected on August 2, 1858 and served until August 1, 1859. He was twenty-nine years old when elected and the second youngest sheriff ever elected in Bastrop County.


Elected a second time on August 4, 1856 and served until August 2, 1858.


Elected on August 4, 1851; re-elected August 7, 1854 and served until August 4, 1856.


Elected on August 5, 1850 and served until August 4, 1851. 


Elected on August 7, 1848 and served until August 5, 1850. 


Elected on April1, 1839; re-elected February 1, 1841, February 6, 1843, February 3, 1845, and July 13, 1846 and served until August 7, 1848. He served a total of nine years and nine months.


James M. Long is shown as sheriff in the county records on November 13, 1838 and served until April1, 1839. There are no other dates given and none of this is in the State Election Register.


Elected the first sheriff but no dates are shown   in the State Election Register. He served until sometime in 1838.