Bastrop County
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Bastrop, Texas
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The Training Division is comprised of one Deputy Sheriff designated as the Training Coordinator and a civilian assistant. They are responsible for coordinating, facilitating and tracking required training as regulated by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).  They collaborate with supervisors and personnel to develop curriculum to enhance specific personnel or work groups in their career development, effectiveness and efficiency. In addition they are responsible for maintaining accurate TCOLE related documentation as it pertains to each employee.

In 2011, the Sheriff implemented a Physical Fitness Assessment initiative whereby all uniformed personnel participated in several physical fitness elements:  Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, 300 meter run, Vertical Jump and 1.5 mile run.  The program was administered by the Training Division and the physical assessments were conducted by Sheriff’s employees who underwent specialized training. After three years, the Sheriff approved the Physical Fitness Testing policy and implemented a formalized process that resembles the Texas Department of Public Safety fitness program.

The Training Division catapulted to the 21st century with Relias Learning, an on-line learning management system. It allows the Training Division to develop “blended” training curriculum which minimizes the scheduling of personnel away from their primary duty assignments.  The system provides a course library that can be enhanced by courses authored and developed in-house.  The tracking system eliminates the duplication of current reporting and provides notifications to staff of required trainings and notifications of completed or overdue classes to supervisors.

Proficiency Certificates are awarded to officers meeting service and training requirements administered by TCOLE. Many of our officers have taken the initiative to meet training requirements to obtain these certifications.


    Certification       Jailer          Peace Officer      Dispatcher    
  2012  Intermediate 5 4 2
Advanced 1 3 1
Master 0 0 0
  2013  Intermediate 8 6 3
Advanced 2 1 0
Master 0 2 0
  2014 Intermediate 17 5 0
Advanced 2 4 0
Master 0 2 1


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