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Community Services

Community Services is comprised of one Deputy Sheriff and numerous volunteers. This group is responsible for community and crime prevention education for Bastrop County. This group works together to promote a safer and healthier community.

CHILD ID: The Child ID program is through Safe Assured ID. The Community Services Unit takes electronic photographs, fingerprints, & a video of the child and stores it on a mini-DVD that is given to the parent. The Community Services Unit does not store any information of any child that participates.  This program is provided to help in the recovery of a child that has been abducted or lost.

R U OK PROGRAM:  The R U OK Program is designed for seniors who would like a little more security and assured that help is there when needed. Each participant will receive a telephone call each day from a Sheriff’s Office Volunteer. The telephone call is set for a scheduled time convenient for the participant. If they do not answer the telephone, a Deputy will be dispatched to check on them.

ALIVE @ 25: This program is a defensive driving class for young adults 15 to 24 years of age. Alive @ 25 is designed to focus on the unique driving hazards facing this age group. The program was designed by the National Safety Council. Classes are held each month at the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office. You can register online at

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: The Neighborhood Watch program brings citizens and Law Enforcement together to meet the needs for a specific area. It increases citizen awareness through education and can be tailored to any size neighborhood. The Community Services Unit will assist any neighborhood to establish a watch group.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT:  The Sheriff’s office participates in National Night Out every year on the first Tuesday in October.  National Night out is a program where on one night participants go outside to gather with their neighbors in a show of community partnership with law enforcement.

CITIZENS ON PATROL: Graduates of the Citizen Sheriff’s Academy who wish to volunteer receive further training and can patrol Bastrop County in a marked patrol vehicle. Volunteers observe and report any suspicious activity as well as provide other community services.


McGRUFF:  The Sheriff’s Office participates in the McGruff program and he is available to attend any of your community events.

EDDIE EAGLE GUN SAFETY PROGRAM:  This is a NRA program provided through a grant from Friends of the NRA.  Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program is designed for Pre-K through 3rd grade students.  The program uses a simple four step method kids can use if they find an unsecured gun.  This program promotes gun safety not gun ownership.

C.R.A.S.E PROGRAM:  (Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events):  The class provides the audience tools that can save lives during active shooter events.  Case studies of past events are used to increase awareness and examine what past victims did and did not do to survive the events.  Information is given as to what to expect from responding law enforcement.

PERSONAL SAFETY: The Personal Safety presentation is designed to raise self awareness.   The goal is to provide the audience with tools that can reduce the risk of becoming victims of assault.

HOME SECURITY SURVEYS: The Community Services Unit will conduct a security survey of your home upon request. During the survey an evaluation of exterior doors, windows and alarms will be done.  If your home meets state guidelines on these items you could be eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance. 

HOME SECURITY PRESENTION: This presentation is designed to provide the audience with crime prevention measures that can reduce the risk on thefts and burglaries.  Topics discussed are fencing, landscaping, lighting, exterior doors, windows, alarm systems and auxiliary locking devices.

CITIZEN SHERIFF’S ACADEMY: The Citizen Sheriff’s Academy builds a better understanding between citizens and the Sheriff’s Office through education. The goal of the program is to increase public awareness, dispel suspicions and misconceptions and to increase the rapport between the Sheriff’s Office and community. Topics of discussion are patrol, criminal investigations, finger printing, victim services, corrections, special services and communications.  Click here to apply for the Citizen Sheriff's Academy.

JUNIOR DEPUTY ACADEMY:  The Junior Deputy Academy is a five half day program for 5th through 8th grade students.   This program is provided through a partnership with the Family Crisis Center and the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office.  During the academy the students will be exposed to different aspects of law enforcement, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, teamwork and responsibility.  This is accomplished through classroom presentations, fun activities and competition.  The Junior Deputy Academy is held during the summer.